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EXO x TaoKaeNoi Giveaway
September 23, 2019
EXO x TaoKaeNoi Giveaway

Fans of the popular K-pop band, EXO, were in for a treat when TaoKaeNoi organised a contest to win FREE Category 1 ticket to watch the band LIVE in Singapore!

On 15th September 2019, TaoKaeNoi has set up a booth at the National Stadium to hold this giveaway. Participants are required to purchase $10 worth of TaoKaeNoi Tin Ten Roll from any retailer in Singapore and they will get a chance at a lucky draw to win a ticket to the EXO Planet #5 – EXpl0ration in Singapore. Screaming fans turned up full of hope and they were all excited to win. At the same time, the cute and cuddly TaoKaeNoi mascot gave away small samples of the Mala Crispy Seaweed to concert goers to introduce their up and coming product which was due to be launched soon.

Finally, 5 lucky winners were chosen and they all walked away full of glee!

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