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TaoKaeNoi Product Launch at Vue
December 16, 2019
TaoKaeNoi Product Launch at Vue

9th December 2019 saw the launch of TaoKaeNoi’s latest products at Vue and it was definitely a night to remember for their esteemed guests.

Getting onto the Mala and Bubble Tea bandwagon, TaoKaeNoi unveiled 4 of their latest products; the Mala Big Bang, Mala Big Roll, Mala Crispy Seaweed, as well as the Bubble Tea Crispy Seaweed! The Mala flavoured snacks are first to launch and exclusive to the Singapore market, meaning you cannot get the Mala variation even in Thailand where TaoKaeNoi is from! At the same time, Bubble Tea Crispy Seaweed was introduced as well and added a punch to the range of existing flavours of crispy seaweed available. These latest drops were presented to the invited media and bloggers and they were in for a special treat of canapes created exclusively by resident chef of Vue, Chef Sam. Chef Sam has incorporated TaoKaeNoi products into his creation and the canapes were mind blowing and super delicious; definitely a crowd favourite!

To give the guests a glimpse of an upcoming nationwide campaign, TaoKaeNoi held a “Guess and Win” contest in which guests were required to guess the cost of the hamper of TaoKaeNoi products on display, and the guest with the closest answer will win 10 x the amount of the actual cost of the hamper. Two of our guests came out lucky and won over $200 of cold hard cash just like that!

It was a night full of spice, laughter and luck!

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