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Who Is San SeSan?

Who Is San SeSan?

Welcome to the world of San SeSan! You might not be familiar with us but we are the exclusive distributor for some of Singapore’s favourite snacks like TaoKaeNoi, Koh-Kae and myEureka.

Brands trust us to make their products accessible with our 100% distribution coverage across modern retail and major general retail channels in Singapore — but we do more than just distribute. In fact, our greatest passion lies in turning the food products we love into household names! As a leading food marketer, importer and distributor, we’re always on the hunt for tasty products to add to our ever growing stable of brands.

San Sesan is the easiest, fuss-free way for your brand to become established in the Singapore market.

Find out how we’ve been cultivating brands under our family into the nation’s favourites since 2003.

Our strength lies in growing brands like they’re our own.

How We Grow Brands

Since 2003, our team has been distributing and marketing brands. We’ve honed the art of sourcing for in-demand products, getting them onto shelves and into the hands of consumers


Over the years we’ve developed a keen eye for spotting brands that will do well in our market. We know exactly what the snackaholics out there want, and how to get them hooked on the first try.

Our roster of over 16 brands have been carefully curated to be distinctive in their respective categories. Their appeal, along with our marketing and distribution efforts have made them some of the most well-known, recognizable and popular brands in the country.


Our retail buyers trust our picks to fill the best spots on their shelves. We’ve built active, healthy relationships with both big and small retailers to cover 100% of all the modern trade channels in Singapore.

The brands under our care enjoy direct delivery to stores and more than 100 delivery points. Our warehouse and delivery fleet is managed by a robust merchandising and stock management system —making sure our products get where they need to be every day to reliably fulfill orders.


Every brand we manage is set up for success with customized 360 integrated marketing programs. Our team meticulously conducts research, plans and executes marketing efforts on all platforms. This includes in-stores, on-the-ground events, traditional media and social media.

Online and offline, we engage consumers, build brand communities and cultivate a legion of loyal fans.

Milestone 2019
Became exclusive distributor of myEureka Gourmet popcorn for modern retail channels
Milestone 2018
Became part of Popular Holdings Limited.
Milestone 2014
Team strength exceeds 30, with product category spanning across Snacks, Beverages and Tobacco.
Milestone 2013
Became exclusive distributor for Dahfa, ChaCha and GINGEN. Exceeded a turnover of S$10m
Milestone 2012
Started the Tobacco distribution division. Adopted mobile distribution system where every merchandising staff carries a handheld to improve 4P tracking
Milestone 2010
Started exports business and produced out own snack brand – Cassava Republic
Milestone 2008
Achieved S$4m turnover on snacks and awarded as Top 3 in Spring Singapore’s Emerging Enterprise Awards 2008
Milestone 2007
Created a seaweed snack eating culture in Singapore. Started own logistics fleet and warehousing solutions. With a staff strength of 16, we reached out to all supermarket segments
Milestone 2006
Started TaoKaeNoi seaweed snacks from zero base in Singapore
Milestone 2004
Started by 2 persons team, San SeSan Global Pte Ltd focused mainly on marketing general merchandise and retail premiums
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